We create catchy
brand names that work.

We are a naming studio from Amsterdam.
We help founders to name their business or product.

A handful of brand names created by us

Clients speak

"We couldn't come up with a catchy name for our New York based popsicle brand. We found Brands are Boring online and gave their naming service a try. They came up with a list of pretty good name ideas and we ended up going for the name Pantone Pops. They offer a great and easy-to-use service."

Jonas Gāo, New York
Founder of Pantone Pops

We turn ideas
into brand names

We are naming gurus
We name companies and products every day. We love it and we're good at it. Our single purpose is to give companies and products a name to be proud of.

Stand out from the crowd
We create catchy, unique, powerful and imaginative names. But most important of all: memorable names. If your brand name sticks, you're halfway there.

Named in just 48 hours
We can name your company or product in 48 hours. It only takes 2 minutes of your time to explain us what you're up to, and we'll take care of your brand name.

An example of our naming service

We develop name ideas for companies, here's a quick example...
Here's a list of brand name ideas we considered to use for our own naming agency.

· Exotic Species
We only create extraordinary brand names, no ordinary species to be expected from us.

· Nocturnal minds
Creative people have a hard time falling asleep, the best ideas come by night. Our brains are always buzzing.

· &Letters
Every brand name is basically a bunch of letters thrown together, the ampersand stands for the numbers and symbols that might accompany the letters. It keeps things in perspective.

· House of Names
This name has great sound to it and describes what the company does in just three catchy words.

· Molding machine
This name refers to our fine-tuning process. We come up with hundreds of brand name ideas, pick the best, and keep molding them until we are happy with the results.

· Unnamed
That's exactly what all the companies and products of our clients are. This was one of our favorites.

· Brands are boring
Brands are Boring? Quite the opposite! But we got your attention, right?

Need a brand name too?
We can help you to name your business. Interested? Give our naming service a try.

Some words about our work

"Professional bunch of people"
We had a great experience using Brands are Boring's naming service. The names were spot-on, an indulgence to read through all of them.- Stefan Noveski, United Kingdom

"Competent team & imaginative brand names"
I honestly thought my own name ideas were somewhat okay, boy was I wrong. The names created by Brands are Boring were 200% better.- Jordy Meddick, Australia

"Glad we asked for help"
We really needed another angle, some fresh name ideas. Brands are Boring surely delivered. Out of the 14 names, only two or three didn't suit our business.- Julia de Rooij, Netherlands

"Clever names"
Finally a set of names that are actually usable and sound good. The name ideas are smart, catchy and make our product stand out.- Isabel Agudelo, Colombia

Name your business right now

Use our company naming service
Whether you're a start-up looking for an awesome brand name, an established business that wants be more , or have a product that's still unnamed, we are here to help.

We provide a list with 12 custom-made name ideas for your company or product. We also explain why we think each name suits your business. Results are delivered within 2 days and if you're not directly satisfied we develop another set of 5 names based on your feedback. Great right?

12 custom-made brand name ideas
Receive results in 48 hours
5 FREE name revisions based on feedback

€ 180 Name your business

That's only €15 per brand name idea.

We are 100% digital

Yes we are.
That means all our communication is done by email. We have a full-fledged branding process that works for us and our clients. We don't deviate, we like to stay focused. The only input we require from our clients is at the start of the name development process and in the feedback round.

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