Meet Brands are Boring. Nice to meet you too.

We're a peculiar bunch of people with a passion for branding.

Who are we

We're a group of creative individuals spread over four countries. Our headquarters is based in the vibrant city of Amsterdam but our brand names are created all over the world. We love to make new brands come to life, we literally breathe branding. We've been in the naming business since 2010 and are still getting better at naming names every day. It never gets old to create powerful brand names from a set of just 26 letters, and maybe some numbers and symbols.

We keep it simple

We like to keep things simple in a world moving as fast as today's. Complexity is everywhere. We have one clear objective: "Developing amazing brand names that we (also) love ourselves". That's it. We're specialized in naming so that's what we stick to. We design brand names that speak to both heart and mind.

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We are 100% digital

Yes we are.
That means all our communication is done by email. We have a full-fledged branding process that works for us and our clients. We don't deviate, we like to stay focused. The only input we require from our clients is at the start of the name development process and in the feedback round.

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